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Mansfield Resident State Trooper’s Office

Sgt. Keith M. Timme, Resident State Trooper Sergeant

Mansfield Office: 860.429.6024 (4 South Eagleville Road, Storrs Mansfield, CT 06268)
Troop C Barracks: 800.318.7633 or 860.896.3200
Emergency: Call 911

Explanation of the Resident State Trooper Program:

The State Police is responsible for providing law enforcement coverage, including patrol services, in 81 towns that either do not have an organized police department or have agreed to let the State Police supervise their police officers or constables. It provides the coverage through 11 troops operating from barracks across the state. Each troop is responsible for several towns. Normally, officers are not assigned to work exclusively with specific towns. Thus, some towns opt for law enforcement coverage in the form of state police officers stationed in the towns and working exclusively for the towns (i.e., resident troopers). The Troopers assigned to Resident Posts work in conjunction with Troopers on patrol from the barracks in Tolland.

By law, the public safety commissioner may appoint state police officers as resident state troopers in towns that do not have an organized police force. Resident troopers have the same powers as regular state police officers and are entitled to the same rights and subject to the same rules and regulations as the Division of State Police (CGS § 29-5).

Mansfield Resident Trooper Program: The Mansfield Resident Trooper’s Office is currently employs the largest number of Troopers in the State of Connecticut. There is one Sergeant and seven Patrol Troopers currently assigned to the Town of Mansfield. The current patrol configuration has at least one Trooper scheduled 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Troop C in Tolland, the home Troop of Mansfield, provides supplemental Patrol Troopers on each shift and also has a dedicated Patrol Trooper assigned to the Town of Mansfield on every evening shift plus Friday, Saturday and Sundays on the midnight shift. The Troopers responded to 16,090 calls for service in 2014, investigating over 660 criminal complaints, investigated 386 motor vehicle accidents and handled thousands of other calls for service.. The Troopers assigned to the Office currently sit on numerous committees to include Youth Services, Senior Center, Town Gown and several others.



Mansfield Resident Trooper Roster:

Sergeant Keith Timme

Trooper First Class Matthew Benzie

Trooper First Class Sean Hickey

Trooper First Class Todd Petell

Trooper First Class Jamie Sanders

Trooper Thomas Stackpole

Trooper Joseph Strogoff

Trooper Christopher Church


Contacting Us:  For emergencies please continue to call 9-1-1. For regular police business the Mansfield Resident Troopers can be reached at 860-429-6024 or by calling Troop C at 860-896-3200. Unanswered regular business calls will be forwarded and answered by Troop C in Tolland.

Areas We Cover:. The Mansfield Troopers cover the town of Mansfield including but not limited to public and private property within the town. Troopers have statewide jurisdiction as well. UCONN Police Department covers any property that is owned by the University and has been sworn in as Constables of the town to provide assistance when and where needed.

Links for Town Ordinances:

http://ecode360.com/11768135  Alcohol

http://ecode360.com/15336289  Nuisance

http://ecode360.com/11768159  Motor Vehicle

http://ecode360.com/11768146  Noise

http://ecode360.com/11768169 Motor Vehicle Regulations

http://ecode360.com/11768158 Vehicles/abandoned

http://ecode360.com/11768151 Rental Property

http://ecode360.com/11768136 Animals


UCONN Student Code of Conduct:

Responsibilities of Student Life: The Student Code: http://community.uconn.edu/the-student-code-preamble/    

The University of Connecticut’s Responsibilities of Student Life: The Student Code is intended to describe the types of acts that are not acceptable in an academic community as well as the general process by which they will be addressed (including the types of sanctions that may be imposed).


Obtaining a Police Report: Effective September 17, 2010, most accident reports will be available online at Docview.us.com. Most accident reports will normally be available within ten business days following the date of the accident. Please note, not all accidents will be available on Docview All other incident reports, which are not accident related, and requests for certified copies must be submitted via mail. You may also obtain a copy of an accident or incident report by mailing a completed request form, DPS-96-C “Request for Copy of Report.”   Please mail the completed form and appropriate payment to:

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Division of State Police
Reports and Records
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457

The $16.00 search fee is mandated by Section 29-10b under Connecticut General Statute and is non-refundable.

If you have questions, please call (860) 685-8250



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Mansfield Police Tip Line:

The Mansfield Resident State Troopers Office has set up a “Tip Line” to give the community a way to make the police aware of any suspected criminal or drug activity within the town of Mansfield. Anonymous tips will be received but please be specific with the information. Callers may leave a voicemail on the “Tip Line” @ 860-429-3370.

A Guide for Victims of Crime               Office of the Victim Advocate Rights 

Police Services Study                          Rental Housing Regulations

Mansfield Resident Trooper Program

Motor Vehicle Towing Hearings

Appeals Form - Tickets / Ordinances

Driving Directions: Directions to the Mansfield Town Hall.

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