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What is Sustainability?


Simply stated, sustainability is the capacity to endure. The goal of sustainability can be described with the “Triple Bottom Line” concept, which includes equity, ecology and economy. The goal of sustainability is the satisfaction of basic social and economic needs, both present and future and the responsible use of natural resources, all while maintaining or improving the well-being of the environment and ecology on which life depends.1

1Federal Highway Administration, US Department of Transportation


In its Strategic Plan, Mansfield 2020: A Unified Vision, the Town of Mansfield identified sustainability as a top priority. The Town has taken several steps toward promoting more environmental and economic sustainability throughout the government and community.


For example, in 2005 the Town committed to purchase clean, renewable energy that offsets 20% of the municipality’s electrical. Over 400 Mansfield households have selected clean energy through Connecticut Light & Power earning the Town a seven kilowatt photovoltaic system on EO Smith’s rooftop. The Mansfield Community Center has a rooftop solar array that supplies the building with a third of its electricity. In addition, the Community Center’s cogeneration heating system is highly efficient. The elementary and middle schools have been composting their lunchtime food waste for over a decade. For two decades, the Town’s “pay-as-you-throw” trash service has maintained a residential recycling rate of 36% to 40%.


C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) is an innovative financing program that helps commercial, industrial, non-profit and multi-family property owners get affordable, long-term financing for green energy upgrades to their buildings. With C-PACE, building owners enjoy the advantages of energy upgrades immediately and pay for them over time through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. Mansfield is a participating C-PACE community. To learn more about the program go to: https://www.cpace.com/.


Follow the links to learn more about Mansfield’s efforts.


Sustainable Development


Recycling and Waste


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Live Feed of Community Center Energy Savings

To learn more about Connecticut's electrical suppliers and energy incentives: