Adopt-A-Road On-Line Sign-Up Form

Individual / Family Sign-Up

Organization Sign-Up

Before submitting this application, please keep in mind that you must:

  • Agree to clean-up litter along the adopted road at least four times a year for two
  • Obey all road safety guidelines for the Adopt-a-Road program
  • Keep recyclables separate from trash
  • Use the transfer station to dispose of littered trash and recyclables, or if you have
    trash collection service, mark the litter bags and place with other household trash
  • Contact the Town at 860-429-3333 for large items that are found along the road
  • With each clean-up, complete a brief report on what and how much was collected

All Participants agree to:

  • Park all vehicles clear of the roadway and on the same side of the road where volunteers are working
  • Furnish adequate supervision by one or more adults 21 years of age or older for groups that have participants under 17 years of age
  • Pick up litter only during daylight hours
  • Do not pick up trash on the road surface
  • Conduct a safety meeting for all participants prior to each cleanup to review Safety Guidelines
  • For Your Safety:

    • Wear light-colored clothing that covers arms and legs
    • Wear leather shoes or boots, gloves, hat, and safety glasses
    • Wear clothing that will not divert attention of motorists during cleanup activities
    • Wear clothing that will not impair vision or movement during cleanup activities
    • Work in small groups
    • Stay well clear of any construction
    • Stop work in inclement weather
    • During warm weather months, drink plenty of fluids - take breaks - avoid overexertion
    • During cold weather months, dress warmly with layered clothing
    • Be alert for stinging insects, and poisonous plants
    • Do not remove hazardous substances or dead animals (notify the public works department at 860-429-3676 and tell them the location)
    • Avoid contact with noxious weeds and areas where herbicides were applied
    • Carpool to the site to reduce number of vehicles
    • Use proper lifting and bending techniques
  • Volunteers must not:

    • Use or possess illegal drugs or alcohol during a cleanup
    • Pick up what appears to be hazardous material (notify your Adopt-A-Road Coordinator if you encounter hazardous objects or holes, guy wires and other hidden obstacles in the ground).
    • Attempt to squeeze bags to make room for more trash (injuries from broken or jagged objects can result from this practice)
  • In Case of Emergency:

    • Have an adequate first-aid kit immediately available 
    • Select an emergency room/hospital and know the route from the work area to the designated place of treatment facility.
    • Have transportation immediately available
    • Call 9-1-1 if you or someone around you is hurt and needs help for serious injury or if there's a life-threatening situation.